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Exit the Hindrance (Preface to The Core You)

Here is the raw preface to a new work, and I am leaving the esoteric to this preface only, so do enjoy via Exit the Hindrance via

The Daily E.R.E.

We have a choice, always, and with every choice comes opportunity.  We may be guided by mainstream trends, spontaneity, or instinct, all which could be intertwined.  Whatever the drive or motivation, ownership of the choice can allow us to weather any consequence.  When owning… Continue Reading “The Daily E.R.E.”

“Are You Happy?”

Every individual experiences happiness on their terms, and I want to know who struggles through what, when, why, where, and how.  Are you celebrity-seeking? Are you a non-profit martyr?  Are you exceeding sanity in a blissfully existential crisis? Where did I go? [stuck in… Continue Reading ““Are You Happy?””

Waiting. Watching. Wondering. Writhing.

Redundant as it is to say, this is a challenging moment for much of humankind.  Here I am waiting for us to get through to the other side of our curves.  Waiting is weighed down by an impending presidential election.  While watching the headlines… Continue Reading “Waiting. Watching. Wondering. Writhing.”

Revisiting Myself: Visualization Part I

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some days are tough for some and unbearable for others, though I cannot imagine a single human being untouched by what is happening across Mother Earth.  We will learn how to elevate our interactions and appreciation for one another when… Continue Reading “Revisiting Myself: Visualization Part I”

Limited-time Giveaway for e-version of Screaming Cogitations: Anxiety

On a first-come, first-to-win for the first 10 entrants via Amazon: Screaming Cogitations: Anxiety on Amazon

Screaming Cogitations: Anxiety

Now available on Amazon for Kindle and in a paperback version, Anxiety is the first collection in the series entitled Screaming Cogitations. In Anxiety, I navigate through external and internal situations. There is a little bit of something for most readers.

Be Authentic: Every Person As A Stakeholder

What we may try to forget is that every person with whom we engage will have an opinion. When coupling this with what is the age of rapid information, it seems as though we avoid, or possibly hope, that not every person will put… Continue Reading “Be Authentic: Every Person As A Stakeholder”

On Business: Recommended Reads

With local hints in New Hampshire and the recent news of an increased national deficit of 17%, an economic downturn is creeping up in the United States.  Whether you are unemployed/in-between jobs, on sabbatical, or currently working while hopeful for change, the list below… Continue Reading “On Business: Recommended Reads”