March 28, 2019

Coming out this year, on my favorite day of the year, so stay tuned and carry on with all things good!


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February 27, 2019

Now available on Amazon!


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October 11, 2018

Thank you for those who have traversed the essays of Albion Through the Trees, the author’s reintroduction into the literary world. It is a micro-read of brief abstractions on 1) quitting as movement towards the better, 2) silence, and 3) the term ‘hate’, are followed by 4) a remembrance of coping through anxiety with assistance from a now-departed companion. Originally released at the end of August 2018, it reached #1 New Seller for 30-minute Short Reads in the Self-help category on Amazon during the first week. Again, thank you.
Reviews of Albion Through the Trees:

“Shades of the political climate, the fast moving electronic culture and how our beliefs shape our reality are colored by his dedication to spiritual growth and compassion.” – E. K.

“The author beautifully describes silence in terms that make us stop and think about the chaos we often experience in our world and its affect on our well-being.” -V. O.

“Provides a good basis for an introspective view into one’s own mind and being.”
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