Waiting. Watching. Wondering. Writhing.

Redundant as it is to say, this is a challenging moment for much of humankind.  Here I am waiting for us to get through to the other side of our curves.  Waiting is weighed down by an impending presidential election.  While watching the headlines of sober reminders about how fortunate my family and I may be, it is merely watching as we wonder what is on the other side of our door.  Many moments of bliss create wonder around this pandemic.  Was this Mother Nature’s response to the visible decay of our planet? Was this a coordinated effort by a few megalomaniacs?  Will this fortuitous time allow me to get out my mental back-and-forth obstacles? My inner strengths are writhing around, attempting to get out of some binding ropes placed by the unknown brought on by external demons who seemingly keep going with the muddying the chance for us to all band together.  Though fortunate to take a deeply honest breath of cool, fresh air, the honest truth is that I tire of being stuck in the back of a bus by my internal struggles.  Someday, a few grand leaps need to be initiated and my optimism is for that day to come sooner than later.

ATTTrees JWNadolski C2018_ed092318
@2018-2020. Justin W. Nadolski. All rights reserved.

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